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Probate, Wills and Estates

Thank you for clicking through to our Probate, Wills & Estates enquiry page.

You may have a query on a Will, on the Probate or Administration process. You may want to know your responsibilities as executor or personal represntative or be advised on inheritance rights or claims. If you have a query please fill in the form below and we will revert to you quickly. We also assist international lawyers, non-resident beneficiaries, family members and foreign executors with Irish property or assets.

When attending for appointment please bring the following:

  • The Will. If unavailable, a copy. If neither is available or there is no Will we can still proceed.
  • Death Certificate. This is available from the local Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths. If the certificate is not immediately available we can source it later.
  • Such of the deceased's papers as you can find which are relevant to property, financial or related matters. These include books of account, certificates of ownership, title documents, insurance policies, bills etc.
  • Funeral account, hospitality bill etc. If theses are is not immediately available they can be obtained later.
  • The deceased’s PPS Number.
  • Names and addresses of the next of kin.
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