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Do you need a Notary Public?

You may need a document notarised, certified, authenticated, witnessed or apostilled. You may need to sign a Power of Attorney or make an Affidavit or Declaration. If so please ring +353 1 677 3434 or fill in the form below.

If you need a document notarised you will need to bring the following:

The original document or documents you want notarised.

Evidence of your identity. Notarising a document requires the same anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering formalities as apply on opening a new bank account. Usually the following are needed:

  • Date and place of birth together with PPS number
  • Address, telephone numbers and email address
  • Original current valid passport or driving licence. If neither is available, documentation issued by a government department containing the individual’s details or a written statement from a person in a position of responsibility (e.g. doctor, minister of religion, teacher, accountant, social worker) may suffice.
  • An original recent utility bill, bank or Building Society statement, Revenue Commissioners notice, Social Welfare document, house/motor insurance certificate etc which will be copied and returned.

For companies, the same documentation is required for each of the Directors or shadow Directors of the company.

The key difference between notarising for individuals and for companies is that a company must prove to the Notary it is empowered under its Memorandum and Articles of Association to complete the documentation. Generally a certificate from the Company Secretary is required. Thomas Barry, Notary Public can guide a company through the process.

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