Best Will in the World Week 2012

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Best Will in the World Week is an annual campaign run by MyLegacy, a coalition of over 70 Irish charities. You will probably have noticed their publicity appealing to people to make an appointment with their solicitor for a will consultation.

Thomas Barry & Company, Solicitors & Notaries Public, are participating in Best Will in the World Week and during that period we offer Will consultations, in person or online, for a flat fee of €49 (including VAT.). This is an exceptional and very cost effective opportunity to make or update a Will with the benefit of professional advice.

Best Will in the World Week also offers an opportunity for the public to understand the importance of Will making. Not having a Will can have serious consequences for your family after you are gone. In the absence of a Will, there can be legal and family dispute with the possibility of the State having to make decisions regarding the distribution of your property and assets.

Encouraging clients to make or update Wills has been a constant theme since Thomas Barry & Company’s establishment in 1991 and we can only re-iterate our encouragement for you to do so. Minimal effort gives great peace of mind. Officially Best Will in the World Week runs from Monday 22nd - Friday 26th October but we will stretch it a little.

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