Best Will in the World Week 2015 Extended


You have not missed out.  We are extending "Best Will in The World Week" to 30th November 2015 .

With a Will consultation costing just €50 (plus VAT), Best Will in the World Week offers you the opportunity to get your affairs in order by making or updating a Will in a simple and extremely cost effective manner.  Young or old, rich or poor, everyone should make a Will.

Making a properly drawn Will ensures:

  • You decide who benefits
  • You decide who looks after your affairs
  • You minimise Inheritance Tax
  • You appoint Legal Guardians for your children

Minimal effort gives great peace of mind.

If you would like more information or have any query on a Will or Probate related matter please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or telephone Tom Barry at 01 6773434.

Inheritance Tax - Budget Brings Little Comfort

Inheritance Tax (also known as Capital Acquisitions Tax or CAT) rates shot up and tax free thresholds fell radically in 2012.  Apart from slightly raising the Group A threshold (which applies mainly to gifts and inheritances from parents to children) the recent budget has done nothing to address the many difficulties which can commonly arise.




Just When You Think You Have It Sorted - Ademption and What It Might Do To You

You have made your Will and neatly left different parts of your property to different people. Exactly what the solicitor ordered. So that's it, you can forget about it now? Unfortunately not.



Probate & Why You Need It - A Simple Explanation

 Before the assets of a deceased person can be accessed or distributed it is necessary (except in very low value cases) to take out a grant of Probate (Will) or Administration (no Will).

Taking out the grant is the process whereby the Revenue Commissioners approve the estate for tax purposes and the Probate Office of the High Court certifies that the Will was validly made. Until then the Will is little more than a piece of paper.











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